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We invite you to support us in our initiative to create a space for young people, aged 13 to 18, to express themselves.

We highly appreciate the participation of various Government institutions, schools, universities, youth organizations, art and sports schools, as well as of parents and of the public.


Project PR:

Iva Pajević, učenica srednje škole “Arhimed”,

Digital leader:

Teodora Stojić, učenica srednje škole “Arhimed”,

Coordination for International Cooperation:

Una Ćurčić, učenica srednje škole “Arhimed”,

Communication with the Candidates:

Jakov Radivojević, učenik srednje škole “Arhimed”,

Arhimed High School Principal:

Una Popović, direktor,

Parent representing the project:

Aleksandra Kostadinović,