We live in a time when it is a challenge for younger generations to show their talents and abilities and to freely express their spiritual, intellectual and creative potentials.

As a common occurrence, society, families and schools tend not to shift their focus on young people’s talents and, as a result, some children and teenagers are experiencing issues when it comes to their development and in their process of becoming adults.

My Own Five Minutes is an international competition that aims to take advantage of the lack of borders in the digital era we are currently living in, by opening a universal, international space in which young people, aged 13-18, will be able to showcase their skills, knowledge and abilities.

Young people from around the world will be able to easily record a 5-minute video, in which they are to display their best qualities, as well as gain access to their own unique My Own Five Minutes platform, which will allow them to introduce themselves to the international public.

My Own Five Minutes aspires to help young people prepare and showcase their best talents in various disciplines, through the use of a digital platform, in a format young people are used to when it comes to communicating.

We believe that an environment in which young people are able to express their best talents, their personality, skills, and knowledge, is the most important goal for a healthy and successful development of a young individual.

We launched My Own Five Minutes with the aim to open a public, social space in which young people can display and emphasize on their best features. Our role is to support them.



My Own Five Minutes is an idea that originated in the mind of young students from Arhimed High School, in Belgrade, Serbia. The initiative that is set to help young people make their dreams come true has received immediate support from the school administration, the teachers, councilors, and parents.

Given that societal responsibility is a relevant topic around the world, various international organizations, institutions and schools have partnered with Arhimed High School, the most notable of which is Frankfurt Style Awards.

Thus, My Own Five Minutes became and international initiative.



My Own Five Minutes is a digital platform on which young people are able to present their talents, skills, and knowledge.

The platform’s goal is to let young people, aged 13 to 18, freely display those talents that make them unique.

They simply need to record a 5-minute video in which they are to express themselves according to the disciplines they consider to be the best at.

Subsequently, they are to upload their 5-minute videos, as well as some information about themselves, on the platform at MY OWN FIVE MINUTES.

The campaign is set to start in Serbia in March of 2021. We aim to actively cooperate with institutions and medias so that, within 2 months, we are able to motivate as many young people as possible to register with their 5-minute video materials.

A relevant jury will gather in May and declare the best works. After that, we will not only promote the winners, but also initiate a continued support to the generation of young people aged 13 – 18 who seek for, and have the right to, their own space in which they can present the best version of themselves.

To quote Ellie Wiesel, – “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

Did we, as a society, become indifferent to the problems that young people are facing?

We believe that My Own Five Minutes is a project that understands and gives love to young people in Serbia and around the world.



Given the impossibility to show their best features to the public, young people, usually aged 13 to 18 years old, often experience rather serious issues: from a lack of understanding and comprehension to more pressing issues such as the consumption of psycho-active narcotics, depression and psychological problems the likes of feeling less valuable and general insecurity.

This isn’t only an issue in Serbia. This is a worldwide problem.

The paradox here is that young people from said generation, who have the greatest spiritual, intellectual and creative potential, do not have what would be a suitable format for them where they can express and manifest their best features.

This is why an idea, which originated in Serbia through the initiative of the students at “Arhimed High School”, who asked for and received support from their teachers and counselors, swiftly gained the support of the international public.

My Own Five Minutes is gradually becoming an international stage, having been created according to the standards of young people and the platforms they are used to when it comes to expressing themselves. It aims to make the world hear about the people to whom the world will remain.

We want to help young people’s voices be heard from afar. We want them to gain the attention and public recognition they deserve.

Societal responsibility isn’t only about providing an environment in which young people’s dreams can come true and securing a healthy development in which their best features have room for expression. Societal responsibility is, more so, about letting young people build a future social space in which they will be able to create and produce according to their own tastes, through the help and understanding of adults.